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What users say:

"Since I started using this service I have saved hundreds of pounds in phone bills and I get to stay in touch with my relatives in the Caribbean" - Andrew, London

"I can make long calls to my sister in Italy any time and not worry about the call charges. Thanks!" - Gina, London

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Welcome to callaccessnumbers

Call access numbers when you need to call abroad and make cheap rate International Calls from UK Landlines and Mobiles right now from 0.5p/min using our low rate dial through access numbers and SMS Text top-up call credit!

Cheapest call rates from landlines and mobiles

Our cheap call services enable you to make international calls at the lowest rates. This is genuine service used by thousands of users every month to make international calls.

Call from landlines and mobiles to hundreds of destinations worldwide.

Our revolutionary call services route your calls away from expensive call routes and give you the best connections at the lowest rates.

There are No Gimmicks! Just Cheap Call Rates to Hundreds of Countries.

Benefits of using Call Access Numbers

  • » No account to open
  • » No credit card required
  • » No extra bills to pay
  • » No internet connection needed
  • » Call from your existing landline or mobile phone
  • » Speedy and reliable connections
  • » Crystal clear line quality
  • » Amazing low fixed rates 24/7

Call abroad more often and still save hundreds of pounds on your annual phone bills compared to BT standard rates. No need to change your phone company or register to use this brilliant service!

Start saving immediately! Call abroad now using our low cost international access numbers!

How to Use our Cheap Call Services

international call access number rates

1. Find your country rate

Select the country that you wish to call from our ratefinder tool to find out how much it will cost to call that country.

dial access number

2. Dial the access number

Our cheap call access numbers enable you to make international calls at fantastic low rates. Dial the cheap call access number then enter your destination number. e.g. For India, dial 0844 862 0000 then...

dial international access number

3. Dial the International number

Dial the international number you wish to call starting with 00 and the country code and press the hash (#) key on the keypad of your phone to be connected instantly.

e.g for India, dial 0844 862 0000 + 0091 + India Tel. No.

Thats it! We will connect you instantly.

Find your access number »

Terms and Conditions

Ask bill payer's permission before using the service. Calls are billed per minute, include VAT & apply from the moment of connection. The charge is incurred even if the destination number is engaged or the call is not answered. Please replace the handset if the calls are engaged or unanswered. BT call setup fee applies. Cost of calls from non BT operators & mobiles may vary. Check with your operator. Service provider: Story Telecom Ltd. Helpline 02084979210.

How do I pay for my calls using Access Numbers?

When you make a call using our cheap call access numbers, you only pay for calling the access number. It is your service provider that will charge you - not us.

So for example, if you made a 5 minute call to a USA Mobile from a BT phone, when your BT bill arrives, you will see a call to our 0844 access number, a duration of 5 minutes and a charge of 5p plus BT set up fee (currently 15p/call) plus the BT access charge (currently 9.58p/minute).

Useful Information for Call Access Numbers Users

1. All prices quoted are from BT landlines.
2. UK mobile operators may surcharge your call, please check with your provider to confirm their charges to call our access numbers.
3. Please ensure that you have the bill payer’s permission before using the Callaccessnumbers service.
4 .Calls are charged from the time of connection to the service - remember to hang-up if the phone is engaged.
5. Please see the Terms & Conditions page before you call.

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Cheap International Calls abroad from the UK with access numbers. Rates from 0.5p a minute!

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